Thursday, December 17, 2009

Donation goal: $ 5,000

Hello everyone,

So I have been working on some exciting things for the bike trip!

1. I am working in conjunction with the Visual Arts Center, of Richmond to raise money! As you know I am raising $ 5,000 for the trip but everything past that will go towards the Visual Arts Center, of Richmond’s after school art program. Specifically to sponsor a dark room photography class! The class will be about 10 middle school students learning how to use a dark room! The students attend Richmond public schools and come right after school to learn and create. I will also be showing the students my work from the trip. I hope by showing my images I will also illustrate how photography can take you places and give you a different outlook on travel and life. This is an opportunity for the students to be surrounded in a creative atmosphere, and gives them an opportunity to explore art free of charge.

2. I have made business cards and postcards so I can really get my blog out there. They look fantastic, BIG thanks to Melissa for helping me out with the design.

3. Training is always going on, it’s getting chilly here but I ride outside as much as I can. I have an indoor trainer lent to me by wonderful Ms. Rachel but noting compares to riding outside.

Coming soon to the blog:

-Sponsors: I am contacting local businesses to sponsor my trip. While riding I will have a day brought to you by a particular company. If you are interested please contact me at

-be sure to look out for updates: I will be updating my blog with Images and day to day journal entries as soon as I start the trip (Maybe before!)