Monday, August 9, 2010

Salmonberey Park, Or- Florence, Or

Salmonberey Park, Or- Florence, Or
Miles 70

Last day of the trip :

I would like to thank everyone on the 2010 adveEnture cycling
transamerica bike trip for making this trip the best thing I have ever
done in my life. All of you brought something unique to this
experience, it wouldn't have been the same trip with out each and
everyone of you.tgenerous individuals who opened their homes to us,
your support and encouragement was fantastic. I am so happy I could
share this experience with you at home. You guys kept me going with
the blog and even kept me peddling up some huge hills. Thank you so
much for your letters and emails. unparallelledp

Extra special thanks to the Voorhees family for being so wonderful to
me and everyone else in the group. Your kindness is truly unparallelled.

Huge thanks to My family, who have provided such an encouraging and
supportive drive throughout this entire adventure. I couldn't have
done this without their love and support.

Somethings I have learned from this trip:

1. For the most part while cycling, looking quite obviously vulnerable
to the public, the individuals you meet are very tkind, helpful, and
interested in meetig you.

2. Bike travel, seeing the outside world at 10 miles per hour is the
best way to travel.

3. The most important thing that this trip taught me is that life is
extreamily short. Adventure keeps you alive and happy. I found that
the most unhappy people in America (from the 4,300+ miles I travled)
are the ones who settle in one place and have no goals or asperations.
I would like to encourage everyone to get curious about the people and
places around you! Start talking to people! Going out side and gettin
active doesn't hurt either.

Life is short, there is a lot to see on this planet. If your not
totally satisfied with life, make some changes. Don't wait.

"If you can do it today, you can do it tomorow, if you wait till
tomorow you will never do it." Fred (age 77 riding tandum with his
wife Barbra 75 TransAm 2010)

Thursday, August 5, 2010

7.31.10 Sisters, Or - McKenzie Bridge, Or

Sisters, Or - McKenzie Bridge, Or
Patio rv park; tents

Yesterday I rode my bike,
Today I am going to ride my bike,
Tomorow I will ride my bike.

7.30.10 Prineville, Or - Sisters, Or

Prineville, Or - Sisters, Or
Miles: 45

The pace for today's ride was relaxing all the way. We got to Redmond,
Or and hung out for a few hours. Visit Redmond if you get the chance.

We stayed at Patty and Jim Evereds beautiful home. Patty made us feel
right at home. Dirk and Lissa Voorhees, and Megan, Will's girlfriend,
came to visit and meet all of us.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

08.02.10 Coburg, Or- Salmonverey Park, Or

Coburg, Or- Salmonverey Park, Or
Miles: 63

There was one very mentionable event that happned today, there was a
beautiful 4 mile hill that was shaded by gigantic Douglass fur trees.

Tonight is the last night in the tents for this trip, tomorow we have
a hotel. It was a quiet night with a nice bondfire. Some people seem
excited to get back to their regular life, others don't want it to end.

08.01.10 McKenzie bridge, Or- Coburg, Or

McKenzie bridge, Or- Coburg, Or
Rv camp; tent

Today, Bryn and I went to Eugene and got real people clothes. We're so
close to the end of the Transam. I will be very sad not to wake up and
see everyones face. I love everyone on this trip and will miss them
very much.

The evening was spent with wonderful company and great conversation.

7.29.10 Mitchell, Or- Prineville, Or

Mitchell, Or- Prineville, Or
Miles: 49

The day was really short. Bryn, Will and I made it into town by 1:30
and Instead of going straight to camp we went to the icecream shop.
Our 80+mi day caught us up to Stuart, Fred and Barbara. It was great
to see them again.

Bryn and I cooked had our last cooking day of the Transam. With lots
of help from Lee and Joe, we made chicken stirfry rice, and for
dessert we had fruit over angel food cake. Everyone seemed to like it.

With only a few days left, we've become a little more playful. As I
was cooking today, Lee and Will moved my tent around. It took me a
really long time to notice my tent was no longer facing the right
direction. I even walked by my tent several times not noticing what
was off. And of course everyone knew about it and they were waiting
for me to notice. I love these guys so much. What will I do without my
awesome travel buddies who play tricks on me.

7.28.10 Prairy City, Or - Mitchell, Or

Prairy City, Or - Mitchell, Or
Miles: 83

83 miles, heat, a bit of a rain storm, and a pass to go over created a
hard day. The pass was not as dificult as I originally anticipated. it
was about 2000 feet of climbing but it was very gradual. We went
through the Picture Canyon, where supposidly there are prehistoric
wall paintings but we didn't see them.

I got a flat in my front tire, and since I rushed to put away a
punctured tube in the past, i couldnt remember if it had been
punctured or not. So I put the mystery tube in and hoped for the best.
About five miles down the road I checked and it felt like i had a
leak. After filling it back up it held the rest of the way in.

I came close to crashing twice today. Once my front bags hit Bryn's
back panniers, and to avoid getting hit by a car, I came very very
close to hitting the ground, but was able to stay up. It's a good
thing seeing as how Paul and Lee were riding right behind and could
have run me over. The next time I almost crashed was my own fault.
Taking a picture while riding, the phone slipped and fell and I hit
the gaurd rail. Again I didn't fall but came close. I had to turn
around and get my phone.

The descent after the climb was really fun. We coasted about 7 miles
into town. As we were speeding down the hill, we saw a fairly decent
sized snake just hanging out in the sholder. We all came close to
runing it over.

07.27.10 Baker City, Or - Prairy City, Or

Baker City, Or - Prairy City, Or
Miles: 67

We wentover 3 passes today. It made fora very a long day!
Mort and lee cooked a lovely dinner for all of us. We camped out at
the rv/city park.

7.26.10 Off day in baker city Sleep: Oregon trail motel

Off day in baker city
Sleep: Oregon trail motel

We met a crazy Irish guy who followed us around until we slowly made
our way away from him and into town. I had to find the bike shop to
get a new tire. The bike shop was in the process of switching owners
so it was in a bit of disarray, but Jared the new owner was really
friendly and helpful.
After a new tire and a great milkshake, bryn and I bought wine and
headed back to the motel to take care of some much needed bike

7.25.10 Halfway, Or- Baker City, Or

Halfway, Or- Baker City, Or
Miles: 54

Today was tough, one of the hardest of the trip. The heat was almost
unbearable. It must have been 105 dry heat on the road, with no shade,
nothing taller than the 2 feet tall sage brush that covers the desert
There was some climbing today too that felt like it went on for ever.
I ran out of water with not a store or house in sight. It was a pretty
scary feeling. Right when I started thinking about flagging down a
car, we got to the Oregon trail visitors center, about 8 miles away
from the town we were going to stay at. There was a spicket there that
I used to fill up, and I wet all of my clothes to cool off. Finding
that water was a much needed break. It's unbelievable how tired and
rundown we feel when we get dehydrated. That water stop couldn't have
been at a better time. After riding about two more miles it was all
down hill to town.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

7.24.10 Council, Id- halfway, Or

Council, Id- halfway, Or
Miles: 82

Today we entered our last state! We also entered the gateway to Hells
Canyon. It became extremely hot as soon as we started to descend into
the canyon. My back tire got a buldge in it and has obvious signs it
could pop at any moment.
Although it was a long day, Paul and I went for a really refreshing
swim to cool off.
We got to camp at about 7:30. Since everything closes at 8 in halfway,
we rushed to the cafe for dinner and drinks.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

07.23.10 Riggins, ID - Council, ID

Riggins, ID - Council, ID
Miles: 62
Sleep: rv park off 95

We had the nice surprise of a tailwind for today's ride. It has
become somewhat of a habit to go for coffee in the morning before the
ride. When I first came on the trip I was not a coffee drinker, but
now I gladly go for our morning routine. As we were leaving the little
coffee shop, Bryn noticed her tire was very flat. It's just one of
those things that happens when you ride a bike. It's a little funny to
think only a year ago I had never changed a tire. I wouldn't have had
the foggiest idea what to do. I certainly know how now. The ride went
fairly quick today. For the last 10 miles bryn and I were cookin'
until she realized her tire was loosing air again. Two tubes later, we
decided she needs a new tire. But we patched the tube up and made it
to camp.

I really enjoyed the encounters I had with people today. About 20
miles into the ride we stopped to refil our water bottles at a little
store/diner. Inside was a very nice man and his two sons, probably 11
and 16. They all were helping out, and the youngest was really
talkative, telling us about the others in our group that came by
earlier in the day. It was great to meet polite younger people and
just be in a generaly friendly atmosphere.
The next encounter I had was with a truck driver. She was not as nice,
and she made it a point to tell us that the bikes on the road today
were just awful. "They made her brake coming down the hill". Although
it was interesting hearing her point of view, she didn't give me a
chance to explain the reasoning for not riding as close as you can get
to the right. If she did, I would have said; today, the road we were
on in particular had no shoulder, so instead of riding on the white
line, or in the gravel, I ride about two to three feet in. When I ride
closer into traffic it encourages the drivers going the same direction
to go over the dashed yellow line ever so slightly. This ensures that
I will not be hit. If I did not do this, the drivers see the dashed
line like a brick wall and try to sueeze in close to the cyclist. Cars
just need a little more encouragement getting over the line.

Dinner was good. This town is weird, so I'm going to go take some
photos. Maybe I can find some cool looking townies.

07.22.10 Grangeville, Id- Riggins, Id

Grangeville, Id- Riggins, Id
Miles: 50
Sleep: tent; Riverside campground
Eat: smoothie place to the right of the park

Today was an interesting day. We could choose between two routes: The
first was full of switchbacks, construction and gravel ( we were
warned) and the second was a shorter busy high way with a sholder.
With the quote, "When at a crossroads in life, take the path less
travelled" buzzing in our heads, Bryn, Lee and I chose the switchbacks
to spice things up. ( old 95) It turned out to be the right decision
in our opinion! The views were spectacular. I think the view
overlooking the town of White Bird might be the best high top view of
the entire Transam. The ride down Old 95 was really fun too. There was
sand on the road and a little bit of construction at the top but not
much. Definitely still a really fun descent full of switch backs. We
followed the Salmon River the rest of the way into town. This is
apparently the best rafting place in the USA.
Camping next to the river is truly amazing. It ensures a restful night.