Monday, August 9, 2010

Salmonberey Park, Or- Florence, Or

Salmonberey Park, Or- Florence, Or
Miles 70

Last day of the trip :

I would like to thank everyone on the 2010 adveEnture cycling
transamerica bike trip for making this trip the best thing I have ever
done in my life. All of you brought something unique to this
experience, it wouldn't have been the same trip with out each and
everyone of you.tgenerous individuals who opened their homes to us,
your support and encouragement was fantastic. I am so happy I could
share this experience with you at home. You guys kept me going with
the blog and even kept me peddling up some huge hills. Thank you so
much for your letters and emails. unparallelledp

Extra special thanks to the Voorhees family for being so wonderful to
me and everyone else in the group. Your kindness is truly unparallelled.

Huge thanks to My family, who have provided such an encouraging and
supportive drive throughout this entire adventure. I couldn't have
done this without their love and support.

Somethings I have learned from this trip:

1. For the most part while cycling, looking quite obviously vulnerable
to the public, the individuals you meet are very tkind, helpful, and
interested in meetig you.

2. Bike travel, seeing the outside world at 10 miles per hour is the
best way to travel.

3. The most important thing that this trip taught me is that life is
extreamily short. Adventure keeps you alive and happy. I found that
the most unhappy people in America (from the 4,300+ miles I travled)
are the ones who settle in one place and have no goals or asperations.
I would like to encourage everyone to get curious about the people and
places around you! Start talking to people! Going out side and gettin
active doesn't hurt either.

Life is short, there is a lot to see on this planet. If your not
totally satisfied with life, make some changes. Don't wait.

"If you can do it today, you can do it tomorow, if you wait till
tomorow you will never do it." Fred (age 77 riding tandum with his
wife Barbra 75 TransAm 2010)

Thursday, August 5, 2010

7.31.10 Sisters, Or - McKenzie Bridge, Or

Sisters, Or - McKenzie Bridge, Or
Patio rv park; tents

Yesterday I rode my bike,
Today I am going to ride my bike,
Tomorow I will ride my bike.

7.30.10 Prineville, Or - Sisters, Or

Prineville, Or - Sisters, Or
Miles: 45

The pace for today's ride was relaxing all the way. We got to Redmond,
Or and hung out for a few hours. Visit Redmond if you get the chance.

We stayed at Patty and Jim Evereds beautiful home. Patty made us feel
right at home. Dirk and Lissa Voorhees, and Megan, Will's girlfriend,
came to visit and meet all of us.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

08.02.10 Coburg, Or- Salmonverey Park, Or

Coburg, Or- Salmonverey Park, Or
Miles: 63

There was one very mentionable event that happned today, there was a
beautiful 4 mile hill that was shaded by gigantic Douglass fur trees.

Tonight is the last night in the tents for this trip, tomorow we have
a hotel. It was a quiet night with a nice bondfire. Some people seem
excited to get back to their regular life, others don't want it to end.

08.01.10 McKenzie bridge, Or- Coburg, Or

McKenzie bridge, Or- Coburg, Or
Rv camp; tent

Today, Bryn and I went to Eugene and got real people clothes. We're so
close to the end of the Transam. I will be very sad not to wake up and
see everyones face. I love everyone on this trip and will miss them
very much.

The evening was spent with wonderful company and great conversation.

7.29.10 Mitchell, Or- Prineville, Or

Mitchell, Or- Prineville, Or
Miles: 49

The day was really short. Bryn, Will and I made it into town by 1:30
and Instead of going straight to camp we went to the icecream shop.
Our 80+mi day caught us up to Stuart, Fred and Barbara. It was great
to see them again.

Bryn and I cooked had our last cooking day of the Transam. With lots
of help from Lee and Joe, we made chicken stirfry rice, and for
dessert we had fruit over angel food cake. Everyone seemed to like it.

With only a few days left, we've become a little more playful. As I
was cooking today, Lee and Will moved my tent around. It took me a
really long time to notice my tent was no longer facing the right
direction. I even walked by my tent several times not noticing what
was off. And of course everyone knew about it and they were waiting
for me to notice. I love these guys so much. What will I do without my
awesome travel buddies who play tricks on me.