Wednesday, August 4, 2010

7.29.10 Mitchell, Or- Prineville, Or

Mitchell, Or- Prineville, Or
Miles: 49

The day was really short. Bryn, Will and I made it into town by 1:30
and Instead of going straight to camp we went to the icecream shop.
Our 80+mi day caught us up to Stuart, Fred and Barbara. It was great
to see them again.

Bryn and I cooked had our last cooking day of the Transam. With lots
of help from Lee and Joe, we made chicken stirfry rice, and for
dessert we had fruit over angel food cake. Everyone seemed to like it.

With only a few days left, we've become a little more playful. As I
was cooking today, Lee and Will moved my tent around. It took me a
really long time to notice my tent was no longer facing the right
direction. I even walked by my tent several times not noticing what
was off. And of course everyone knew about it and they were waiting
for me to notice. I love these guys so much. What will I do without my
awesome travel buddies who play tricks on me.

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