Saturday, April 17, 2010

Monday, April 12, 2010


Hey Everybody,

Life has been pretty crazy! I have been frantically finishing up school getting my final projects and final exams done. During spring break I took a fun 80 mile trip to Charlottesville, VA. It rained the entire time there. The ride back was fantastic sunny and great weather. My bike is almost ready I have been riding with my bags. and I recently got the tent I'll be calling home for the next three months.

Thank you so much for the wonderful support I have received! Everywhere from Charlottesville, VA, Stafford, VA, Saugerties NY, Kingston NY, MD. Thank you all for the wonderful encouragement!!!

I will be updating the blog much more freaquently when I start the trip!

I set the tent up inside the very first night I got it. My cat Cali loved it, I think she wants to come on the trip.

Here are a few Photographs from My spring break trip: